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We do it for fun. Painting, sculpting, illustrating and watercoloring. Just because we feel like it. Cup of coffee, good wine, good company and hard work. Of course we like to show all this fun and effort to the outside world every now and then and that's why we regularly hold exhibitions. Not only from our own work but also from other artists. Everyone is welcome with us.


Reminiscing about our first exhibition

Exhibition 'A' took place on 2 and 3 July 2022.

It was an unexpected success. Partly because of the beautiful weather, but of course also because of the great location and, as we hope, because of the many diverse works of art that could be admired.

More than 80 works of art and 150 visitors provided an unforgettable memory. You can view a look back at these two sunny days via the link on the left.

Thank you for the great interest and the great days that we as the team of the Delftsche Kunstkring have experienced.

DKk team

Our permanent team consists of 4 artists. Four different styles and disciplines. That makes us a very varied group. For the exhibitions or other special occasions we are always looking for even more inspiration and we like to invite fellow artists.

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