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Inez Verhagen

Inez Verhagen

Stained glass

Inez Verhagen has always been drawn to mosaic and stained glass. She is fascinated by the patterns and colors that can be created with broken glass shards and the way sunlight plays with the different types and colors of glass.

After years of admiring the work of others, in 2007 she decided to teach herself. She taught them the basics of mosaic making in a very short course, and in the years that followed she read just about every book on mosaic that has ever appeared in print. That, plus watching many YouTube videos, a lot of consultation with mosaic artists all over the world (long live social media), and thousands of hours of practice, resulted in a specific colorful mosaic style based mainly on glass, with small amounts of metal, crystal, and mother of pearl. Two intensive courses by Carole Choucair Oueijan and Dino Maccini took her technique to a higher level.

Inez mainly makes abstract art, often in one color, but even more often in the entire rainbow palette. Although she has made a lot of “art for the wall”, she is a fan of very practical art; or making everyday objects more beautiful. She often uses recycled items from the thrift store and gives them a second life with mosaics. For the last three years she has also been making Tiffany stained glass, mainly inspired by nature.

Although everything is made in a small attic room in Klapwijk, Inez's mosaics find new owners all over the world, from America to Australia, and occasionally even in the Netherlands.

Below is a small selection of work by Inez.
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