Joost Konings
the all-rounder
Joost konings

I mainly paint with oil paint and combine that with airbrush elements.   After art school I mainly worked with a lot of color and abstracted shapes. Over the years my work became more and more realistic and I used less bright colors. The subjects of my work always have to do with people and their concerns. I often take photos of models that I then use as a basis for paintings. Also combine your own photos with newspaper reports and print screens from television. This combination of images therefore becomes a new interplay and then tells a new story. This story may be different for everyone. 

After the academy, I taught at a secondary school for 16 years until I resigned in 2003 to take up full-time painting. In addition to painting in my studio, education is still an attraction, which is why I regularly give workshops to groups, young people and adults. One of those workshops is body paint, which I have also been involved in since 1995. Working with people is something I really enjoy doing, which is why I now also teach 1 to 2 days a week at the ROC Amsterdam all-round make-up department (drawing, art history, airbrush and body paint).